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emiri ([personal profile] emiri) wrote2011-01-13 11:00 pm

Yes, I do still exist. Yes, I realise I never post.

Finally imported all my Inksome entries over to this journal, since Inksome is going under. They're all old entries though (2008-9), so you shouldn't see any change to the front page of your feeds, f-lists, this journal, etc. Dreamwidth is pretty neato about that.

Though man, re-reading back over them, I realised that 2010 was a much more emotionally and mentally stable year for me than 2009. Despite, you know, being in a foreign country and all the problems that entails, especially when you're a white person in Japan. I have ... thoughts on that, but I'm not really expressing them very well. It certainly wasn't because I grew up a little, I don't think. I still feel as immature as ever. I keep deleting the rest of what I type out so I guess I'll just leave it at that. I've never been very good with words anyway.

Here's to hoping 2011 will continue on this trend of good mental and emotional health.

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So, I find it kind of hilarious that after importing our Inksome stuff to DW, we're both on 99 entries. Also, uh, did you know half of your Access circle consists of Inksome accounts now? |D
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Just thought I'd let you know. /o/ I think they look a bit messy since they're Open ID accounts (i.e. useless) but then I'm anal-retentive.