Jan. 13th, 2011

emiri: (have you seen this girl?)
Finally imported all my Inksome entries over to this journal, since Inksome is going under. They're all old entries though (2008-9), so you shouldn't see any change to the front page of your feeds, f-lists, this journal, etc. Dreamwidth is pretty neato about that.

Though man, re-reading back over them, I realised that 2010 was a much more emotionally and mentally stable year for me than 2009. Despite, you know, being in a foreign country and all the problems that entails, especially when you're a white person in Japan. I have ... thoughts on that, but I'm not really expressing them very well. It certainly wasn't because I grew up a little, I don't think. I still feel as immature as ever. I keep deleting the rest of what I type out so I guess I'll just leave it at that. I've never been very good with words anyway.

Here's to hoping 2011 will continue on this trend of good mental and emotional health.