Oct. 21st, 2010

Oct. 21st, 2010 09:02 pm

Happy end.

emiri: (beneath the sky)
There are sometimes benefits to living in a small town community.

It came to my attention today that there is an advertisement in my local supermarket for anyone wanting a kitten. More specifically, the kitten we found last week. There was a picture of it on the ad, looking much healthier than when we found it and snug up in blankets. It read something along the lines of: (I can't do a direct translation this time because it was full of kanji I still can't read but I got the main gist...)

"We found this adorable cat abandoned in a box at [the place where we left it]. We're taking care of it now, but we can't take care of it forever [due to various reasons], so we're currently looking for a proper owner who can. We took it to the vet, so it's now neutered, had its' shots and been cleared of fleas. If you're interested, please contact us!"

And then it had pull-off tabs of paper with their phone number down the bottom, and quite a few tabs had already been ripped off.

So we know our kitten is being taken good care of currently, and is hopefully now well on its' way to a good home.

I'm really glad.