Feb. 5th, 2010

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STILL in the process of writing up what I've been doing in the last two weeks, still don't have photoshop on this computer so it may be a while. HOLD TIGHT. Also fair warning: it's late and I have a LOT to write so I'm not really giving much thought to how I'm writing, this is all pretty much 100% uncensored brain-blather.

But I've had an eventful last two days so I figure I should at least update about those. (Sans pictures.) Yesterday was SUPER GOOD and then today was SUPER BAD, cry. And so the wheel of fortune continues to turn!

SO we'll start with the good! Yesterday evening, [livejournal.com profile] violetsquirrel took me to see




It was so so sooooo good! I know there's a lot of people reading this who are in fandom but not up-to-date on J-Rock stuff (I'm not either), but basically it's T.M.Revolution's side band |D. And if you don't know who T.M.R is then you are probably my parents and therefore you can have a link to Wikipedia. Anyway. Can I just say, HOLY CRAP do they EVER know how to put on a show *_*!! Like, wow. WOW.

Okay I should probably preface this with saying that I've never been to a rock concert before this. はじめての! Baby's first! Before this I've only ever really been to uh, classical music concerts and... The Whitlams... who are a GREAT BAND in their own right but really not rock. (For starters, they perform in a concert hall with seats and everyone is ACTUALLY sitting down because the average age of the average person in the hall is 40. Whoops.)

So yeah, first time at a rock concert! And even though I've never been to one before, I think it'll be pretty hard to top this one in the future, ahaha. Anyone who says that Japanese people are quiet has never been to a J-Rock concert, wow. I'm talking real head-banging stuff. Like, the band themselves were totally head-banging along with us. They know how to ROCK IT OUT \m/. It was great. (My parents would be appalled.) But I'm getting ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning.

We got here at about 6pm to start lining up (the concert started at 7), and waited in line for about half an hour in the freezing freezing freezing cold (Yahoo! Japan temperature page says it was 1 degree celcius, brrr) until we were let in. The tickets cost about $65 AU, which were all organised thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dilettantka or so I am told, so thank you hon!

Anyway, we finally got in and found an okay spot to stand as close as we could get. We weren't near the front but we weren't near the back either, we were pretty much smack-bang in the middle, haha. I have never been so glad to be tall in Japan as I was just then. So yeah, I could see the stage just fine |3. Everyone was standing up and jumping around and waving their hands in the air and-- well, I SUPPOSE THAT'S ALL STANDARD STUFF for a rock concert?? But like I said, it was a first for me, so I found it pretty exciting!

As for everything else-- well, the light show was SPECTACULAR *-*!! Flashing lights, so pretty. And of course, being a rock concert, the music was pumped up so loud that the vibrations in the room made the vibrations from the T-Rex in Jurassic Park look like a hand tremor in comparison. Literally, I felt like the drum beat had become my own heartbeat!! Of course, forget being half deaf-- by the time the concert was over I was fully deaf! Mum seems to think that the biggest danger to my hearing while in Japan is riding a bicycle without a helmet on, but I think going to too many rock concerts is the bigger danger here!! But it was worth it.

T.M.R is a pretty good entertainer too, and such a flirt, *g*. At one stage of the performance he lifted his shirt pretty much all the way up to flash the audience, pfft. Cue the fangirls going wild, of course. He talked to the audience inbetween some songs but I only understood about half of what was said. But then he threw the plastic cups he'd been drinking from on stage out into the audience, which of course all the audience fought eachother over to get. I should probably explain for my family that in Japanese culture there's a line of thought where if your lips touch something that someone else's lips have touched, it's an "indirect kiss". So yeah, that's him being a total flirt. The costumes were awesome too-- I can't really describe it here but they were awesome. Imagine a marching band coat left open over a t-shirt, with jeans and a kilt over the jeans. (One of his talk-segments involved him talking about how they TOTALLY WEREN'T SKIRTS, YOU GUYS!!! Haha.) But man, total respect, he's FIT. He did pretty much scream his lungs out for an entire two and a half hours, and I do mean scream, not sing. (His voice is still amazing though, mmmm.) Not to mention jumping all over the stage like an acrobat.

Anyway, mostly for the benefit of the people reading this who aren't familiar with J-Rock, have a youtube video of abingdon boys school so you can get a better idea of what I'm talking about. Obviously the concert I went to last night is still too recent for there to be a youtube video of it (and they're very strict about the whole no-cameras-in-the-concert-hall thing), but I found a video of another live they did for comparison. I don't think this one's as good as the one I saw last night though!! In terms of atmosphere or performance or light show or costumes or choreography |3. But maybe I'm biased. ANYWAY.

Also I didn't realise how SHORT T.M.R is until right at the end! When all the band members came up on stage to bow together and they were holding hands together up in the air, they were practically lifting him up off the stage! Wiki doesn't give me a height, but I'm pretty sure he's not taller than 5ft. TINY. But still hot. And ripped. But TINY! Stupid tiny hot old Japanese men. (And he IS old. I didn't realise but he's 39 now, fftttt.)

So yeah, that was Thursday night!


Today was MODERATELY horrible. I woke up to go to class and of course there's a test in class which I totally didn't study for because I was at a concert, durr hurr. But even if I had studied, I don't think I would've been able to get more than 50% of it, because most of the time I couldn't even understand the instructions on the test (which were all in Japanese), which is kind of an integral part of... answering questions! So totally failed that and was practically in tears by the end of it and went up to my teacher and was like "Please please put me down into level 5, I really can't hack it in level 6," and so she eventually relented.

So yeah was in a pretty crappy mood after that, because wow blow to the ego much, only to realise that I'd ALSO lost my ear-muffs (you don't realise how important ear muffs are until you come to a COLD COUNTRY) and I'd forgotten my scarf too and no wonder I was so cold!! Baw. But it was okay. KATIE WAS THERE TO CRY ON :Db.

Finally after that I met up with the girl from whom I was going to buy my bike from, and that all went smoothly and I got my bike registered with the authorities which was all cool, and then I went back to school to register my bike with the school too, except then I... ended up leaving my registration there! A fact which I only realised until I got in tonight, when our dorm Okaasan asked to see my new bike's registration so she could give me a parking sticker. Derp.

Also ended up spending about $100 on textbooks today as well as $40 on the bike, so am feeling a bit sorry for my wallet too.

Ended the day with my crazy manga class, which requires a bit of an explanation because I now realise that I haven't updated about it before this. But well actually not really, because basically it's just that everyone in it is, well, crazy. And you can tell I'm getting tired because I really am just babbling now but I'm nearly done. And really, I'm not sure what I expected from a class on manga, but I thought maybe there'd be SOME sane people in it but no. Not really. The most notable is a girl I have dubbed "Overshare Girl", because... well, that's what she does. Overshares. Every single class. (Well we've only had two so far, but I can kind of see this becoming a trend.) It's like, wow, THANKS FOR SHARING WITH THE CLASS BUT NOT REALLY, BECAUSE I DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW THAT. If I didn't try to place myself on the opposite side of the room from her, I would totally be strangling her. So really it's probably a good thing I don't sit near her, because I don't really want to be deported for committing homicide.

I also got my Japanese classes changed around since I went down a level, which means my Ceramics classes have changed too (because the ceramics schedule is arranged around your other classes), which basically means now my entire timetable is now different. Hurrah! I'll leave you with my new schedule under the cut. )

Oh yeah, I didn't get into the Pop Culture class :(.

Sadfacing forever.

(Kaza says, as she reads over my shoulder as I type this, "There's still a week!" but I don't really like my chances. If nobody's dropped out of the course by now ... they're probably not going to.)


That concludes my long-ass update. Sorry I've been sparse lately, I don't know when that's going to change either. I'm busy pretty much every day, even on the weekends. Hopefully I'll be able to come off internet hiatus soon.