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"Hey, that reminds me of the time when we first met! Haha, when we got all super lost looking for the super market... man, that was a story and a half."

"I know, right? Oh, but that wasn't the first time we met."

"Wasn't it? Well, that was the first time we met that I actually remembered you as an individual, anyway! Give me a break, it was orientation week, there were like 200 names and faces to remember all at once, 60 in our dorm alone!"

"Gee, thanks."

"Well okay then, when was the first time we met?"

"Haha, I only remember it because you made such an impression on me. It was when you like, ran into the elevator at the last minute on the first or second day, remember?"

"... Not really. ... I do that every day."

"Well, you got in at the last minute and it was just me on the elevator and you turned to me all cheery and go

'HI my name's Cassandra but you can call me Cassie I mean actually I prefer if you call me Cassie because even though Cassandra is my real name the only person who ever calls me that is my mother you know especially when I'm in trouble so it's not exactly my favourite thing to be called anyway so what's your name??'

without even stopping for breath despite the fact that you looked like you'd just run a marathon and it took me a minute to get over my shock and respond because all I could think of was 'Wow. This girl is excited to make friends'."

"... How the hell do you even remember all that."

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