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Super sick right now. I feel really bad, I haven't been running in a week and I put on another two kilos. On top of that I just got my period so I feel super moody. Ugh. Definite lowest point since I've been here.

Not really coherent enough to type up a long entry about Seoul or have the attention span to crop and resize and upload the last month's billion photos, but I feel bad about not updating so here have some photos from facebook that other people have uploaded instead. I'll post my own photos when I get better.

Phone picture taken by our dorm RA, Haruka, when she took me out to eat my favourite cuisine: omurice. (Omelette Rice.)

On the train on the way to see AC/DC live in concert!! (Phone picture)

And on the train on the way back! (also phone pic)

Chillin' in the kitchen.

Cramming in the hallway 2 minutes before our first midterm.

Korean bbq all-you-can-eat-all-you-can-drink to celebrate the end of midterms!

I am a pimp!

And the rest are all from Nipponbashi Street Festival for otaku and cosplay culture, the day after midterms, where I went and cosplayed as Shirley from Code Geass like the nerdy nerd I am.

There were a gigabillion Mikus. No exaggeration.

I found another Shirley! ... And Suzaku! ... They were both shorter than me so that was a bit embarrassing ;3;.

I also found a big Geass group which was exciting!! And then a few minutes later a Knight Suzaku and a Zero stumbled upon us, though I couldn't find any facebook pictures of them with us... but I know Lauren has pictures of them so I will get it off her later. Later I also found an Emperor Lelouch and posed with them, but again, Lauren has the photos for those too... (I actually found this photo on a Japanese blog, not facebook (゜∀゜);;. Once we'd gathered there as a big Code Geass group, just about everybody with a camera in a hundred metre radius was there, I must've stood there posing for about 20 minutes. Apparently I was also on national television... around 6pm that night, I got a call from a friend going "I JUST SAW YOU ON TV!!! WERE YOU IN NIPPONBASHI COSPLAYING TODAY??" As if that wasn't enough, I also ran into my Japanese teacher there and she took a photo of me . . . so embarrassing.)

THAT IS JUST A TASTE OF WHAT IS TO COME. Look forward to next time! Hopefully I will be more coherent then. For now I am going back to bed.

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