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emiri ([personal profile] emiri) wrote2010-03-10 01:20 pm

also, i put on 4 kilos. hopefully it's all muscle.

Long time since the last entry! Sorry! I've been flat-out the last week again, I never have a moment from myself from dawn til dusk and I'm asleep the second my head hits the pillow. This is just a quick update between classes to make points of note:

1) I have a microphone now! SO I can skype with people! In case you missed it last time, my skype account is cassaru. If you wanna chat with me, send me an email (either to my regular email or phone email, but phone email will reach me faster and is just as free) and I'll get online if I can. I don't know when that is though, since I'm still kind of really busy.

2) Next week is midterms. AAAAAAAAAAH. How did that happen? It feels like I only got here yesterday.

3) Week after that is spring break and I'm (probably) going to Korea \o/. (After hanging out with [personal profile] aragorn in Osaka.) Parents: I have to pay the travel agency the money by Friday, is that okay?

4) I went to Kyoto on the weekend and bought the most AMAZING genuine silk kimono. I'm still looking for an obi to go with it. I don't care if it makes me the biggest weaboo ever, I can't wait to wear it to hanami \o/. JUDGE ME IF YOU CAN.

5) I'm going to be making another batch of chocolate truffles again tomorrow afternoon for White Day on Sunday \o/. I know guys are supposed to give on White Day but really I just want the excuse to make more creative chocolate combinations.

6) We're learning how to glaze stuff in ceramics right now. Despite being a painting major, I'm no better at that than at making things \o/. I have yet to make anything I wouldn't be ashamed to show to someone else 8D;;;.

7) Running club is going well! On Saturday we jogged about 2.5km without stopping, and I can now jog for about 20 minutes non-stop before I start to feel strained. Yay!

I think that's most things of note! I'LL UPDATE WITH PHOTOS AGAIN SOON. SOMETIME. I DUNNO WHEN BUT. SOON. Promiiiiise.

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