Feb. 23rd, 2010

emiri: (record screech)
I've been told off from home for swearing too much here, oops. My apologies to the people it offended, I'll try to keep that to a minimum from now on.

So yesterday morning was the start of the running club! We run four times a week in the morning: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Well, the term "run" is probably a bit misleading since we're really only jogging ... really slowly ... but anyway. Weekdays runs start from 7, Saturdays I think a bit later. (Luckily the meeting place is right outside my dorm.) The early factor isn't so bad, because since my class schedule was re-arranged, I now have no sleep-in mornings anyway (all my classes start at 9 or 10 now). For a 9 AM class I'd be waking up at 7:30, and for the running club I'm waking up at 6:45, so... it's not that much earlier. Plus, on the days I have 10 AM classes, it means I have a little extra time to get to do my make up and get to school or do any last-minute homework I forgot to do the night before.

The runs themselves aren't very strenuous yet, we're starting out pretty easy, and I was fine after yesterday's run. But today's was a bit harder and now I'm totally feeling the burn, ahaha. Also I need to go into the city today to attempt to find a sports bra because OW, my boobs. They hurt.

What else has been happening...

In my Japanese speaking class I was told to give a 2 minute oral presentation today on "anything I liked". The last two people who did them gave their presentations on things like their pets, and their winter vacation, which was kinda dull and sleep inducing, so... I decided to do mine on Austarlia's Dangerous Animals (Drop Bears Included). At the beginning of the speech, before you start you're supposed to write on the blackboard any vocab words that the class probably doesn't know, so before I even started the blackboard behind me was filled with things like:

"to die a horrible death"
"to stomp on the ground"
"to be scared away"
"to drop on you from above"
"to be bitten to death"

And so on and so forth. It was pretty entertaining!

That's the end of this entry, so I'll leave you in total envy of what I'm cooking tonight: Pure deliciousness. Mmmm, omurice.