Feb. 9th, 2010

emiri: (look ma! no hands!)
Good news: today was okay!

Point the first: my bike worked! Hurrah!

Point the second: I threw not one but TWO things on the wheel today without sensei's help :D! (It took me nearly two hours, and they weren't very good, but hey! IT'S AN IMPROVEMENT!)

Point the third: I had a test today that I am FAIRLY SURE I didn't fail! HURRAY FOR NOT FAILING TESTS.

Point the fourth: took my bike to the bike shop and they oiled the lock for free \o/.

Other points of interest: internet is still slow as molasses, the internet has ceased to work on my laptop so now I'm updating from the dorm comptuers, my dorm R.A. is really hot, and I have another test tomorrow so I BETTER GO AND STUDY. Peace outttt