Feb. 8th, 2010

emiri: (bitch plz.)
AAAAAAAAAUGH the internet here is driving me crazy. It's soooo sloooow. It's fine in the morning! But then at night you have like 200 international students all trying to access the same network at once? And it craaaaaaaawls. It takes me like, five minutes just to load gmail. Ffffff.

In other news: I love being in Japan, you guys, but sometimes you Just Have A Bad Day. Today was one of those days! I:

1) Overslept by 40 minutes
2) Lost one glove-- not both, but just one!
3) Managed to SOMEHOW get ready in time to make it to class by bike despite the massive oversleep, only to-- in my haste-- somehow jam my bike key in the lock and get it stuck, thus rendering the bike unusable (it was fixed this evening, no worries)
4) Realised that standing there and swearing at my bike was not going to get me to class any faster and that I had better start running and promptly did so, and again SOMEHOW made the 30 minute walk to class in a 15 minute near-dead-run, a feat which I would not have been able to do two weeks ago
5) Promptly nearly gave myself something akin to an asthma attack after the fact
6) Somehow arrived in class on time with exactly 30 seconds to spare (I should note here that they take being on time to class here VERY seriously-- even 30 seconds after the bell can get you marked as late, and 3 tardies counts as 1 absent and 3 absents means you fail the class), only to realise that there was another test I hadn't studied for :D!


We had ceramics in the afternoon, which somewhat unsurprisingly, was also an umitigated disaster. Fun! But a disaster.

So we learnt how to throw on the wheel today, which as it turns out, is exceedingly much harder than it looks! In four hours I only made two pieces, both with sensei's help. I mean, I made countless others but they were all invariably stuffed. It doesn't help that sensei insists on explaining everything-- even all the technical ceramics terms-- to me in Japanese because "my Japanese should be good enough to understand" and I just ... don't ... so I kind of have to guess from the context. On my last try I VERY nearly completely made a third piece all on my own, right down to the finishing step, until the very last part where you disconnect it from the wheel, at which point I screwed up and dislocated the bottom unevenly and it all fell apart \o/. HUZZAH.

So that was moderately embarrassing.

Came home. Had dinner. Studied (for another test tomorrow). Realised that I can't remember anything I just studied. Got on the computer and couldn't load my email because the internet is so slow. Decided to cry a bit on here and shall now just throw in the towel and go to bed.