Jan. 31st, 2010

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I meant to do a really big update today while it was a quiet day but it still ended up not being a quiet day at all, so I'm still too tired to do the Big Update. But I figure I should write something, so!

Here's my tentative timetable for the semester (starting tomorrow):

We had to take a placement test to place our level of Japanese last week, so that they'd put us into the right class for our language classes in the morning. The levels go from 1 (easiest) to 7 (hardest), and how I got into 6 is completely beyond me. The placement test was like "If you've done Japanese for (x) amount of years, please complete section (a, b, c, d) of the test! If you complete section d and think you got over 60% right, please come to the front to collect section e!"

So I did the placement test and struggled through section d and went "HA there's no way I passed that, la la la," and then of course the next day I get a letter in my in-tray at university saying "Please come up to the office to complete section e of the placement test and have an interview." !%@$#^%@$#&

So that's the Reading/Writing 6A and the Speaking 6A classes explained.

In the afternoons I have... Ceramics, though the schedule is marked as tentative because the ceramics class schedules itself around your other classes, and as you can see I currently have a class clash! I'm pretty excited about this class though, I can't wait to get my hands into some CLAY. Pottery wheel pottery wheel here I come. (By the way, whatever I make, I'm not bringing it home, just getting it out there.)

I'm also enrolled in Manga: The Graphic Fiction of Japan which I have renamed to fit into an excel spreadsheet. I'm looking forward to it! So those're my four classes for the semester right there.


You can choose to enrol in a fifth class, and the one class I MOST want to get into (Japanese Popular Media and Culture) had too many enrolments, so I'm on the waiting list (by virtue of a randomized ballot, not first-come-first-served, trust me, I enrolled fairly early on) for that class. Which is why my ceramics class now clashes with it. Sobbbb. I want to get into it soooo bad. I'm going to sit in on the first lecture anyway, I think, in case I do get in from the waiting list sometime this week.

Anyway, that's that!

Tomorrow I am FINALLY meeting with my Japanese Language Partner, Aki-san, who sounds totally adorable from the emails we've exchanged. She dropped a letter in my in-tray at uni written on Mickey Mouse stationery. Cuuuuuuuute.

Meanwhile, my English is steadily getting worse and my accent steadily more American. If you're asking why is my accent turning American in Japan, then let me just say... well, you try being the only Australian in a dorm filled with American students and not lose your accent. It's pretty funny trying to make other Americans play the "guess what country I come from" game now.

Hopefully this week I will be able to get my Foreigner's Registration Card so I can stop carrying my passport around everywhere with me, and then I can go get a mobile phone and a bike, which will make everything a million times easier! Also on the to-do list: go grocery shopping, get a pillow that doesn't feel like I'm resting my neck on a block of wood, and get a bath robe.

ANYWAY. I'm exhausted. Hopefully will be able to write a proper entry about what exactly I've been doing in the past week that's kept me so busy soon.