Jan. 25th, 2010

emiri: (if i could have one wish)

Big update coming soon with my Project 365 photos, but this is just an update to say that yes! I have arrived safely in Japan and yes! It is awesome!

I still haven't gotten my laptop registered for using the internet here, so when I do is when I'll probably resume internet-life. INTERNET HIATUS until then, because using the dorm computers to do other stuff is just awkward and strange and they don't have any photo-editing programs on them so I can't resize my photos to a respectable size for the internet ANYWAY.

ANYWAY. The short version is: moved into my dorm, have made friends, have broken my diet like a million times in 24 hours because Japan Can't Do Good Salad (and we're not allowed to use the kitchen until the end of the week when the home-stay students meet their host families and move out of the dorm, except the microwave, the kettle, and the fridge) but that's okay because Japanese cuisine is DELICIOUS and more importantly CHEAP, but stuff is otherwise great! Still can't believe I'm actually here.

IT IS VERY COLD but not unbearably so. Around 6 degrees celsius.

I also got lost twice in one day (today), which is usually more than I can manage in a year, but whatever. IT IS AN ADVENTURE. I am having fun and taking the scenic route, etc. I'm actually pleasantly surprised how much Japanese I've been able to understand and I've mostly had no trouble communicating in Japanese so far, but then I've only really been here for a day. I did have an amusing moment in the supermarket trying to get fat free milk, because I didn't know what the word was for "fat free" (or even for [food] fat), so I had to ask the attendant "Um, sorry, which is the milk that won't make me put on weight?" Fun times. Also, hilariously oatmeal is in the health food section of the supermarket, not the cereal aisle. The more you know!

Anyway, that's all for now, longer update later \o/.

ETA: oh yeah, someone said I looked like Idina Menzel today. I was pretty flattered! Even if it's not true.

ETA^2: I just discovered that I burned the roof of my mouth on dinner. (Delicious okonomiyaki -- japanese pancakes. They're savory, not sweet. Meat and everything.) Not sure how I missed that! Weird.