Jan. 24th, 2010

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Photo #023: Nearly on my way! )

The living room in the aftermath of my packing bonanza that has lasted about the last 12 hours.

Massive grey suitcase is my check-in luggage, it weighs about 30kg. The scary thing about it is that I can still fit more in there (space-wise, obviously not weight-wise). I'm not quite sure what the point of making a suitcase that can carry more weight than they will allow you to take on the plane in any class is (even if you go first class where the weight limit is 40kg, no one piece of luggage can be over 32kg), but hey! The more you know. In any case: it's a bloody large suitcase and I had no trouble fitting 30kg worth of stuff in there.

Dark suitcase on the floor holds... all my spring/summer stuff :x... that my parents decided they would ship over separately so I could have two suitcases /o/;;. Don't know what I'm going to do about shipping it BACK since shipping rates in Japan are crazyexpensive but hey. Their idea!

The two bags above that are my carry-on. Middle one is ... actually full of shoes. I had to take the majority of my shoes out of the check-in luggage since they were weighing it down. Top one is full of the normal flight carry-on stuff... laptop, ipod, diary, make-up, toothbrush and toothpaste etc... and some not-so-normal carry-on stuff! Like, I'm pretty sure there's also an entire pharmacy and an entire tea shop in there as well. Considering what they have in them, though, they're actually both rather light. Ssssoomehow! (Also, poor Domo-kun bag had to have emergency surgery on him, considering that I somehow forgot that the bag strap was broken until I just pulled it out of the closet again today. NEEDLE AND THREAD FIXES ALL, THOUGH.)

Also pictured: the scales that have given me so much consternation today trying to get the weight of things JUST RIGHT. orz.

ETA @ 3 AM: ... oooomg it's really happening you guys! I'M REALLY GOING TO JAPAN. IN ONE-POINT-FIVE HOURS I WILL LEAVE THE HOUSE TO GO TO THE AIRPORT. BY 8:30 PM AEST TONIGHT I WILL BE IN JAPAN. THE NEXT TIME I UPDATE THIS BLOG I WILL BE IN BLOODY JAPAN. Aaaaaaaaahhhh equal parts excited and bloody terrified!!