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a ghost ([personal profile] telekine) wrote in [personal profile] emiri 2011-12-22 07:37 am (UTC)

I discovered something about this (VERY LOVELY AND SOOTHING...) skin just a moment ago—the adjustment of the "#footer" colour in your CSS will also change #footer's value in any layouts one happens to be viewing on Dreamwidth. Obviously if you're looking at a dark layout, this will be jarring (and ugly).

It was driving me absolutely insane for a couple hours, haha. A mystery!! But yes... that's a thing. For you to be aware of.

I'm not sure how users can get around it, though, other than making a new custom style layer and changing #footer's name to something else in the actual style code (which is what I ended up doing). Maybe DW's admin will just make a blue theme for us some day?

Anyway, thanks a lot for this, I love it regardless of its bugs.

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