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Heist // Joker ([personal profile] enigmaticminion) wrote in [personal profile] emiri 2011-02-08 05:39 am (UTC)

Randomly, I found when I use your Style, there's a tiny issue where the menu bar thing at the top isn't aligned right and tends to overlap with the rest of the header thing.

It's apparently something to do with the font size tweak, since when I changed it so only the font size on the #canvas was affected, there wasn't any need to realign the menu bar.

Basically it should change from
body.tropo #page {
font-size: 9pt!important;

body.tropo #canvas {
font-size: 9pt!important;}

I think? And then you'd have to look at your #menu code to see what you have to take out. You could also just move font-size: 9pt!important; to the /* General body edits */ section? There's one up there that has #content #canvas that you could combine that bit of script with :|a.

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