emiri: (that's mildly disturbing)
emiri ([personal profile] emiri) wrote2010-11-02 04:24 pm

Situation update

Went to the hospital today to get my head checked out since I promised several people (my mother not the least of them) that I'd go if my head still hurt today.

One CT scan, three hours of waiting, and $200 later... we found out what I was already pretty certain of:

My head's fine, no internal damage to be seen, probably just a very mild concussion.

Doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt like hell though. For future reference? I don't recommend it.

Anyway, at least I got some peace and mind and what are (hopefully) some heavy-duty pain meds out of it, so it wasn't a total bust. Have to take them with food, so waiting until dinner time to take them and we'll see if they make a difference.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a national holiday.